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to throw atlantic city a life line and collect some revenue sos they can cut tax rates across the board for everybody. this is "the kudlow report" and we begin right now. >>> before we jump in let me give you my continuing optimistic view of this market. yes the fed remains easy. that's huge. you know what else? the there are is strong. no interests in gold. good numbers on homes sales, consumer confidence and core capital goods. profits are rising modestly and finally my contrary view that the budget cutting sequester which will limit government is pro growth for the economy and winds up being pro wealth creation for stocks. i think the sequester is part of the market's rally and that sequester is only two days way. the markets know all about it. so i'm still playing this from the optimistic side. let us get into focus on that very sequester. cnbc contributor robert costa joins us live from washington. he has the latest news on the sequester. there's some weird stuff going on out there. help me. first of all, a sequester is due on friday whenever the president signs it or whatever and
that might hit particular cities or regions and a new defense secretary. >> you know, it is interesting. of course a lot of that is simply by events. obama didn't seem it make that much of an anti-defense move in its first term. it was accompanied by the afghanistan surge. so there was just so much he could do. but right now, you have definitely got a move towards, if not isolation, definitely a move from intervention, appointment of secretary hague el as you point out, is definitely endorsement of that. even within that, within the republican party, there is a danger that they are focused on, moving toward budget talks rather than defense and foreign policy talks. so it is tough to see who carry theory the mantle for defense. >> thank you richard. richard aboulafia from the teal group. >> on the back of its earnings and what a miss, stock down 75% over the past one year. so where does the on-line deals site go from here? and as we head out, let's look at financials. there they are. all higher. not so much, but higher. we are back in two minutes. ♪ [ male announcer ] to hold a patent
for cablevision in a very long time. david, in the meantime, we want to call your attention to vatican city. pope benedict xvi stepping down after nearly eight years as pontiff after unexpectedly announcing his resignation on february 11th for health reasons. you can see him walking down the hall here. he's expected to depart vatican city by helicopter heading to castel gandolfo where he will take up temporary residence until his new residence outside of vatican city is complete. once he steps into the castel gandolfo, the doors will closed and it is complete. >> thousands of people stormed into st. peter's square to watch this happen. they put big screen televisions inside the vatican grounds for the public to watch what is happening. it's hard to get a vantage point of the scale if you've never been there but isn't that just an amazing thing to watch? >> and historic are, given that we haven't seen anything like this in 600 years, right? >> i wasn't there but obviously you were, david. eagerly checking the stocks. >> yes, i was. >> interesting this morning, cardinal dolan of new york was asked
, and as you mentioned, i was just in new york city and these huge new york city companies like general electric and bank of america and philips they wanted to become customer companies. >> the reason i mentioned the bernstein thing, he says microsoft's coming along, oracle -- you in the talk i listened to said, oracle, ibm, microsoft, they're all really good at this now. wait a second, they all weren't really good when we first started talking. >> well, you've been right on, jim. and unfortunately, that bernstein analyst you quoted and i think this is what you want me to say. over the last one or two years now, he's been dead wrong. >> thank you. >> he doesn't realize the world has changed, the world has transformed, the world has evolved. we have moved into a new world of computing. who is carrying around a pc? who has windows anymore? this is a new world. we all have computers in our pockets. we're on to facebook, we're on twitter, the -- things are going more dynamic than ever before. and this is an exciting new world, but it's a treacherous world. because for companies, they have t
. >>> live from the nasdaq market site in new york city's times square, i'm melissa lee. here's what "fast" is buyer beware. find out what red flag jp more gan's tom lee seeps right now. >>> defensive blitz. just how much pain the sequester could cost defense stocks. >>> and web wagers. who is best poised toic stroo it big when it comes to online gambling. the markets close in on fresh record highs. what was the top trade of the day today? dr. j? start with you. >> my top trade was the stickiness of the vix. it's made a big trip this week, so, i'm not saying, boy, it's just, you can't push it past 15 at all. it's made it from basically 1320, all the way up to 1920, back down to 14 and then it just wouldn't go any lower than ends up jumping on that rally for the vix. and subsequent selloff for the s&p 500. i was doing these one by two spreads in there, mel, i was buying the selling the 18, that's what the street was doing. >> and beekers, of course, a nail-biter of a day. i don't know if you have had the popcorn out today. we were 50 points away from the dow's record high. >> i always have
of the u.s., it is cricket city. 37 in kansas city with clouds. 31 in minneapolis. and back out west we go, rain in seattle. and it, look like partly cloudy skies for much of central and southern california. now, what about travel? what can you expect today as you head out to the airways? at a couple of the airports, you could see some delays. minor delays delays expected in new york. the mix of travels. a mix of rain and is snow in spots lot of cleveland. there you go, guys. let's send it back to you in new york. >> reynolds, we were just talking about sorkin on the best dressed list and you may not be on it, but this is the guy that might replace it. loot him. >> thank you so much. >> you know what? i think he knew he was going to be back on squawk today. it's been a while and you said i'm going to be back on "squawk box." >> got the pocket square going. >> representing. >> and the hair is high .tight today, too, right? when was that done, yesterday? >> high and tight. my dad, god rest his soul, was a high and tight man. >> do you miss us on the days on -- >> every day. a day without "sq
systems go. and cramer fave kansas city southern, ksu, $103, all-time record and it may be in talks to build a major hub to bring domestic oil to texas refineries. they're shipping by train. and it is so important to get an outlet for the domestic oil, and ksu is the preferred way to play it. a terrific stock because of the smoking hot mexican trunk line. how do we know this isn't a transport blip? would you see companies make truck engines and components for trucks like cummins, $2.39 and remarkable runs all, nowhere near as amazing as boeing. the supposedly hobbled pitiful helpless giant maker of planes that isn't supposed to be able to fly any time soon, if you read the press reports. why the heck is it 66 cents from the 52-week high, how about because they place huge orders with the company, because it may be, despite what the press reports you hear and see the finest manufacturer in the world. they will fix this problem faster than anyone believes possible. that abundance of orders makes sense given that the airlines are the most solvent i have ever seen them and i think -- get
than the annual salary. the city of london, seen as a major loser in this deal. it has an estimated 150,000 staff potentially affected and i just have to say, i keep thinking i'm missing something on this story because if this actually happens, ross, the impact would be -- it would have a major impact on the city, especially at the top. what does it mean for the banks? what does it mean for the potential returns when you look at comp and return on investment for, you know, return investment capital for some of these financial names? >> look, if you're freezing pay bonuses at one times salary, which for the investment bank is quite a dramatic change, what will the reaction be? obviously, a lot of people leaving banks or you'll see -- which i suspect you'll also get an awful lot of complex pay deals coming up. >> that, too. >> and there's a lot of ways to try and get around it. >> credit suisse and some are trying to pay with derivatives. there may be different kinds of comp. but if you're talking about the best and the most talented, you could argue about that in the banking sector alway
, the the citi's, the morgans. >> if you look at xlf, for instance, it's trading right below its recent high, if that breaks out above that, if that's working, you don't need to look elsewhere. it's working right now so you can look at the goldmans and they are working. >> you'll get more leverage and joe has been on regions. >> the largely capital banks are not. they have spun off those units so when you see stock markets acting as cooperatively as they have been, when you see in-flows charging into bonds and stocks, issuance up, deals happening, that favors the goldmans, the morgan stanleys. that's why we emphasize them and why they have been leading. there's going to be a second leg to this story and it probably won't just be capital markets. it will be wage growth. i will start looking elsewhere. >> one other name. comerica, you're having a nice recovery. regional banks, incredible source of opportunity. >> all right. not so fast, mike murphy. my traders are quick but they are not always right and last month mike gave a final trade on auto parts manufacturer titan international. take a l
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9